Agile and Scrum Portugal 2013 Workshops – take a look

May 12, 13 • Teresa Carreiro • GeneralComments Off on Agile and Scrum Portugal 2013 Workshops – take a look

Would you like to know how to initiate the changes that your organization needs? Would you like to know the right moment to do this?

Join us in the Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas workshop and learn from Linda Rising’s experience.

Are you having trouble guaranteeing quality in your non-functional requirements? Would you like to avoid major refactoring and address issues such as security, performance and reliability as soon as possible?

Come and learn with Joe Yoder how your applications can improve their quality. Join us in the Agile Quality Scenarios: How to Be Nimble and Precise workshop!

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Agile & Scrum Portugal 2013 is a joint international event gathering the agile and Scrum communities together with invited leading experts. Join us!
Microsoft Portugal, Lisbon, June 21, after Santo António, and before São João :-)

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